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  • Shoptaw Wedding C + J 2015

    I absolutely love weddings! I adore getting to know the bride and groom and capture the day unfolding for them! C + J were married on 8.8.15 at the Palouse Creek Ranch in Coos County! What an absolute amazing location! These two are so incredibly loved! 

  • Tori H - Senior

    I love Tori's spunk, the joy she exudes and her absolute downright determination in life! Oh and I loved the headband she chose to wear for her senior pictures! Beautiful!  

  • Prock Wedding

    Oh what a day! Beautiful bride, handsome groom and big ol' tree to get married under! 

    Congratulations ShaeLynn and Tyler! Wishing you a lifetime of joy!

  • Kyle & Liz Engaged!

    Kyle and Liz are so cute! I am so looking forward to thier wedding day! I just love getting to know my wedding clients as we lead up to the big day, the engagement session is just one of those pieces! They are tying the knot at the end of the summer and it's going to be great! 

    Rachel Diane Photography takes on a limited number of wedding clients each year. Contact us today to find out if your date available! 

  • The B Family

    I so enjoy family sessions! I think making the investment into family images is so important and I love capturing everyone (Mom, Dad & Kids together) in front of the camera! 

    Oh, this sweet little family with THREE boys ages 2, 4 & 5, a great looking mom and dad and the beautiful Horsfall Beach = WIN! 

    I love these early morning beach sessions! If you are familiar with the Oregon Coast, it is just drop dead gorgeous and it is most likely very windy in the evening. BUT oh in the still of the morning, it is just that  - still. 

  • Hannah D - Class of 2016

    Oh Miss Hannah. How I adore you! You are such a fine young woman! Your character shines through you! I can not wait to see what the next few years brings you. You are filled with such incredible talent, grace and beauty. 

  • The V Family Reunion - Rockaway Beach, OR

    When Mrs. V contacted me for a family reuion beach session up in Rockaway Beach, I was so excited. I love an excuse to travel, and an excuse to travel the good ol' 101 on the Oregon Coast, YES PLEASE! It was quite an adventure that included a detour into Washington State to meet Baby Cooper, and then a ferry ride back into Oregon. I didn't even know you could take a ferry across the Columbia River to get between the two states, but thanks to my trusty map app WAZE - we found out we could! 

    The V family stretches all the way from up in Alaska to down here in the southern Oregon Coast. What a blessing it was for them to be together. They rented a beautiful townhome right on the beach! 

    Family reunions are a great time to have a photographer come and capture some forever memories for you!

    Check out these beautiful images of the V Family's early morning beach session! Didn't they chose the most fabulous bright colors for the beach? 

    Something about the older grandkids playing with the younger grandkids together in the sand that makes these images just marvelous! 

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  • Newborn Cooper

    I met Momma M a few years back as a friend of a friend. I've had the absolute privlege of photographing her engagement session, her wedding and now her newborn's images! Swoon! Oh the joy of this job. Now meet baby Cooper. He is just magic. Absolute wonder. Filled with personality. And oh my, those dimples. Daddy J is a dirt bike rider super man, so we just had to do a sweet little image in Daddy's helmet!

    I absolutley love newborns. I adore newborn sessions. But please know a newborn session with Rachel Diane Photography is relaxed and in your home. I come to you and we spend an hour or so together (depending on baby) hanging out and taking some pictures. I love to hear all about how baby is doing and how you as a momma are adjusting to baby and everything that goes with it! It's casual and professional, fun and enjoyable, and not at all stressful! Contact us today to find out more about a maternity/newborn session with Rachel Diane Photography! 

    Please note: this sweet sweet baby was never alone or unsupported in any of the below images. These are the power of the composites and some serious photoshop magic. Momma was sitting right next to him at all of times with his head fully supported. 

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  • Brianna C - Class of 2016

    North Bend High School - Class of 2016 - Brianna  

    I met Brianna a few years back when her family booked a family session with Rachel Diane Photography, throw in a back to school session or two over the years and I feel like I've watched here and her sister grow up right before my eyes. I absolutely love the relationship I build with clients through photo sessions and was so pleased when Brianna's mom contacted me for Brianna's senior session, although I definitely had a little denial that she was actually going to be graduating soon! 

    This girl is it all! A brilliant smile, sparkling eyes and she hunts! The evening before this session she camped out with her Dad for extra elk tags. Pretty darn awesome! 

    We had a lot of fun out on a friends old farm and then got a few more shots of at the end of the session at the lovely and very soaked in marine layer Horsfall beach. 

    Rachel Diane Photography has seniors specials going all summer and spaces open through August! Contact us today to find out more!